Folsom Water Damage

Water damage losses occur to homeowners and business owners alike. Supply lines break and soak both structure and contents. Strong storms cause roof damage and water will frequently leak down. You probably know someone who has returned home to a kitchen or living room full of water after a washing machine supply line or toilet hose broke. Whatever the cause, PuroClean Home Rescue is available around the clock to respond to the emergency.

Guaranteed Emergency Response Within 1-2 Hours, Any Time of Day or Night

We use the latest moisture detection equipment that enables our technicians to accurately pinpoint the water intrusion. Our non-invasive approach eliminates the need for drilling holes for water detection purposes, so walls and floors remains in tact throughout the process. Our advanced tools can detect water in walls, under carpets and without creating the need for future repairs to your property. Our state-of-the-art approach improves the success of recovery for our customers and agents.


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  •  Emergency Water Extraction
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  •  Deodorizing & Disinfecting
  •  Structure Drying
  •  Contents Dry Down
  •  Stain Removal
  •  Media & Document Recovery
  •  Carpet cleaning & deodorization
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    • Wet Drywall - Restore or Replace?

    Puroclean technicians employ the Science of Psychrometrics to ensure that the area is dried completely and the threat of mold and pathogen growth is eliminated. With state-of-the-art equipment and the PuroClean Quick Dry System, Puroclean offices reduce the time it takes to dry most structures to 3-4 days or less and minimize the inconvenience to its customers.

    Successful water mitigation techniques consist of proper dehumidification and airflow to process wet air. With the PuroClean QuickDry System, everythingóincluding drywall, carpets, tile, and woodócan be dried if it has been wet for a short period of time. Using professional tools to ensure that airflow, temperature and humidity are monitored, PuroClean carefully measures the drying progress and produces reports so that you can easily process any insurance claims.

    The placement of High Capacity Air Movers creates an air vortex, similar to the motion of a tornado. A Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier acts as a drain, eliminating moisture. Wet air goes into the Dehumidifier. Dry air comes out. The structure is normally dried in just 3 days.

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